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New Member Rates

Collegiate » $20/year
Professional » $120*
*Based upon professional membership type.

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International Membership

SWE is proud to serve its international members and welcomes you to join. Membership rates for a professional are $100 USD annually. Membership rates for a student enrolled in a university are $20 USD annually. SWE recognizes the economic variances throughout the world and discounts dues based on the 2011 World Bank list of economies. See below to determine if you qualify for a discount on membership dues depending on your country of residence.

Membership benefits include:

  • Professional Development
  • Role Models and Mentors
  • Leadership Training and Experience
  • Networking
  • Diversity Training
  • Career Management
  • Gender-specific Management Tools
  • Award-winning, digital version of SWE Magazine*

Benefits will vary by country and other possible benefits include:

  • Local Support
  • Conferences
  • Outreach to Girls (to consider engineering careers)

Please note: This discount applies to basic Professional and Collegiate grades of membership and cannot be combined with other offers.

*Full dues-paying members will continue to receive a printed copy of the SWE Magazine.

List of countries eligible for membership discounts

Low Income economies get the 66% discount and Low Middle economies get the 33% discount.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has implemented a UNVIERSITY FRIEND of SWE program to increase access for university students studying all disciplines of engineering and technology outside the United States. As a FRIEND of SWE, you will have access to the following resources:

  • SWE Publications (digital) – All Together eNewsletter and SWE Magazine
  • SWE Learning Tools – Access to one complimentary professional development webinar, online career center, K-12 outreach training material and SWE Archives. Utilize SWE member pricing for WE Annual Conference, workshops, eBooks, and online courses.
  • SWE Networking – Invitation to join the SWE International Online Community and opportunity to launch or join a SWE International Affiliate on your university campus.

To join SWE as a FRIEND:
(1) Go to the website below and click "Sign up for a customer account" using your official university email address
(2) Upon completion of setting up your "customer account", please email the following information: full name, name of university, and request to join the Friend of SWE program.

You can create your customer account here.

SWE International Affiliate Group

A SWE International Affiliate is a community of women engineers, both SWE members and non-members, which reside outside the United States and wish to function as a recognized SWE entity in order to expand the mission of the organization. SWE International Affiliate status allows the group to utilize the name of the Society for group functions and permits the SWE members to apply for, or compete for, individual awards and program development grants (PDG) given out annually by the Society. A SWE International Affiliate group may be formed by university students on their campus or professionals within a geographic area (city, region, or province). The International Affiliate group must renew their participation with SWE annually.

The requirements to launch and maintain an official International Affiliate group on your university campus or in your area are as follows:

  • Minimum of one (1) "SWE member" or (1) "University Friend of SWE". Individuals can apply for SWE membership (or friend of SWE status) separately at or the International Affiliate group can send a spreadsheet with names and payment to SWE headquarters for bulk enrollment. We highly recommend the SWE International Affiliate name up to 3 other individuals on the application that agree to support, guide and lead the group.
  • Letter of Support from the Advocate/Sponsor. The Advocate/Sponsor can be an association, nonprofit entity, government institution, or corporate partner that is willing to mentor, guide, and administer support to the International Affiliate group. The Advocate/Sponsor should be located in the city, country or region of the International Affiliate. When necessary, the Advocate/Sponsor may be tasked with handling the financials for the group. In the case of a university group, the Advocate/Sponsor may be a SWE professional member. Or if the university group is an official, recognized club on the campus of a university with established administrative protocols, the university may act as the Advocate/Sponsor.
  • (University Affiliate only) Letter of Recommendation from the Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisor role is a requirement for the formation of an International Affiliate group on campus and is a person from the college/university who will be committed to supporting the group. This person does not need to be a SWE member, but it is highly recommended.
  • For the application, you must also provide:
    • Main point of contact for the International Affiliate group
    • Signed copy of the Agreement of Appropriate Use
    • (University only) Contact information for the Dean of the College/University, permanent school mailing address and email address, and engineering school statistics

Below is a list of Affiliates by country. Interested in joining a SWE Affiliate group? Please email the main contact listed next to the Affiliate. SWE Affiliate groups are open to SWE members and non-members.

Rio Grande do Sul – Oeste
Sao Paulo (Brazil) 
Rio Grande do Sul-Porto Alegre & Metropolitan Region

University of Calgary
Durham Region-Ontario

Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

Pune, Maharashtra
College of Engineering, Pune
Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Nazarbayev University

Federal Capital Territory
Lagos State

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro

Texas A&M Qatar

Koc University

United Kingdom
Greater London

Interested in applying to become a SWE Affiliate group? Please be sure to first check to see if an Affiliate exists already on your campus or in your city. If one does not exist and you would like to launch an Affiliate, please download the following Application and Agreement of Appropriate Use.

Click here for the Application and Agreement to form a SWE Affiliate group on your University campus.

Click here for the Application and Agreement to form a SWE Affiliate group for professionals in your city. 

International Ambassador Program

The International Ambassador program is an opportunity for a SWE member that resides outside the United States to serve in a SWE leadership position for their city, country, region and the Society. The position, titled SWE International Ambassador, will promote the SWE brand, grow the SWE community in their city, and be fluent on SWE products/services available to members and partners living in their country. In addition to their role of SWE representative in-country, a SWE International Ambassador will create a Personal Leadership Development Plan and have the opportunity to complete one of the SWE Leadership Competency eLearning Modules.

A SWE International Ambassador serves from 1st January through 31st December and will be provided training and tools each January to ensure the SWE International Ambassador is equipped to be successful in this volunteer role. The program requires the volunteer to re-apply each year in order to ensure the volunteer remains up to date on all SWE international activities and can pledge the volunteer time commitment.

Don’t have time to commit to an entire year as a SWE Ambassador? Email to find out other ways you can get involved in SWE in your country.

Applications for SWE International Ambassador program are accepted annually from 1st -30th November.

Click here to fill in the 2016 International Ambassador Application!

Responsibilities of a SWE International Ambassador

SWE Brand Representative (75% of volunteer time):

  • Actively promote the SWE brand through various personal communication tools. ie: personal social media sites, current employer forums, speaker at events, author of a published article, etc.
  • Actively recruit and serve as a resource for engineers in your area interested in joining SWE or participating in a SWE activity.
  • Stay up to date with current membership and SWE network statistics, be knowledgeable about SWE activities in your city and country.
  • Be familiar with activities outside your region in order to provide a general overview of global activities to potential members and partners.
  • Assist SWE HQ with promotion of Annual Conference (WE) and when applicable, regional/local SWE conferences and workshops.
  • Assist SWE HQ with the localization of products and services to be better utilized in your city, country or region. This could include editing resources and toolkits to reflect the norms in your country, serving as a speaker for a webinar or podcast, or identifying local partnerships that could be mutually beneficial.
  • When applicable, serve as a resource for Collegiate or Professional Affiliate(s) your area.
  • When applicable, serve as a resource for teachers and administrators in your area interested in SWE Outreach activity.
  • Keep a detailed activity log that describes your actions in your role as SWE Ambassador, complete a portfolio at year end.

Personal Leadership Development (25% of volunteer time):

  • Complete one of the five SWE Leadership Competency eLearning Modules – Communication, Business Knowledge and Management, Self-Management, Leadership Abilities, or Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship – based on interest.
  • Create a personal Leadership Development Plan (template provided by SWE) in order to set measurable, time sensitive and realistic goals to support your role as SWE International Ambassador. The plan will include:
    • Leadership Vision with examples of role models or mentors
    • Blind Spots & Learning Agenda
    • Personal Mission Statement
    • Realignments and coalitions
  • Regularly participate in SWE International Ambassador conference calls, training webinars and in-person meetings, when applicable.

For more information, contact


Below is the most current list of SWE International Ambassadors. Applications for SWE International Ambassador program are accepted annually from November 1-30. For a copy of the application, please contact




Jennifer Patterson



Ana Paula Ribeiro Marimoto

Sao Paolo


Shelly Deitner



Karen Fong Chan Oshawa Canada
Elizabeth Koumpan Toronto Canada
Tugce Tuysuz Vancouver Canada

Blanca Rosa Navarro Piedra

San Jose

Costa Rica

Ilektra Marazaki Copenhagen Denmark

Fabienne Seibold



Anca Eisele



Vandana Pandey Chennai India
Princess Zawu Gujarat India
Priyanka Tote Pune India
Stueti Gupta Pune India

Davida Gondohusodo



Mariela Megozzi Valsamoggia Italy

Naoko Katoh



Maria Torres Zamudio Queretaro Mexico

Maria Aurora Salas Cardenas

Saltillo, Coahuila


Kenza Khomsi



Vera Egwuatu



Abba MaryRose Obiageli Enugu Nigeria
Cristina Caballe Fuguet Madrid Spain
Alisa Tijerina London United Kingdom
Jessica Rogers London United Kingdom
Samantha Keating Welwyn Garden City United Kingdom

SWE Sister Organization Program

In an effort to deliver localized educational programs and services to women engineers in all parts of the world, SWE recognizes the value of partnering with national or regional entities in various countries. SWE Sister Organizations share in the mission and values of SWE and are dedicated to helping women to achieve their full potential in their careers as engineers and leaders.

All current members of a SWE Sister organizations are valued “Friends of SWE” and entitled to various SWE benefits, which may include access to online professional development training through SWE ADVANCE, opportunities to co-host and co-brand in country events, special rates to SWE Annual Conference and much more.

If you are a member of a SWE Sister organization, please contact them to learn more about your SWE benefits. If you would like to learn how your organization can participate in the SWE Sister program, please email

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