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I AM WITH SWEWhen you join SWE you connect with a professional network of 34,000 enthusiastic, like-minded women engineers as well as professional development resources that members consistently rate as "excellent."

New Member Rates

Collegiate » $20/year
Professional » $120*
*Based upon professional membership type.

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Membership Benefits

Community of Support
SWE is an inclusive organization focused on issues of interest to women specializing in engineering and technical careers.

  • A strong network of women engineers from academia, government and industry, corporate representatives, government officials, and other individuals supporting and advocating for the mission of SWE.
  • Awards and recognition programs honoring outstanding accomplishments of women in the engineering profession as well as those who have contributed significantly to the advancement of women in engineering and technology professions.

Education and Development
SWE's education and outreach activities are designed to enhance the quality of life for women of all backgrounds who pursue the profession of engineering.

  • Scholarship opportunities for all educational and professional levels, including undergraduate and graduate students, and women re-entering the workforce as engineers (at national and section levels).
  • Reduced fees for admittance to national and regional education conferences that offer networking, professional development, seminars, workshops, and leadership training.

Resources and Information
As a worldwide leader in engineering knowledge and support, SWE is a partner you can turn to for advanced, relevant information about women in technical careers.

  • SWE Magazine—the Society's award-winning magazine, covering issues of interest to women engineers including the achievements of women engineers, career development, career guidance, activities within the Society, and technical topics.
  • All Together, SWE's monthly newsletter.
  • SWE Online Communities.
  • Webinars and podcasts.
  • Online career center where you can manage your resume and search hundreds of jobs posted monthly by SWE's sponsors.
  • Outreach programs that encourage girls to pursue careers in engineering through SWE's alliances with Girls Inc., Girl Scouts, and US FIRST (Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

Leadership Skills
Members are encouraged and supported in the development of skills necessary to be effective leaders in a global marketplace.

  • Develop leadership experience in a non-threatening environment through leadership roles at the sectional, regional, and national levels.
  • Publish articles in the SWE Magazine.
  • Present technical papers at national and regional conferences.
  • Lead seminars and workshops at national and regional conferences.

During the last couple years, SWE launched an initiative designed to foster inclusiveness and engage the diverse members of our organization – SWE Affinity Groups. Affinity Groups are small groups within the organization where individuals sharing a common element of diversity work collaboratively together! The program is growing, and we now have 5 active affinity groups with champions who want to connect with you and establish a network within SWE for you to ASPIRE, ADVANCE, and ACHIEVE within the organization.

Affinity Groups

  • Share knowledge, concerns, and experiences among themselves and allies
  • Mutually support each other
  • Advise and educate the SWE on issues affecting the specific group
  • Serve as a resource to SWE members regarding the specific group’s interest
  • Serve as a forum for discussion on specific topics aligning with the specific group
  • Enhance and promote networking mechanisms for connecting members
  • Increase understanding and commitment to the value of diversity and inclusion as an integral part of SWE culture

Affinity Group Champions
With our Affinity Group program comes new leadership opportunities to build and grow the groups. We currently have 5 active Affinity Groups: African American, Latina, LGBT & Allies (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), Internationals, and Native American. We have several other potential groups waiting for the right person to step forward and become a Champion.

Affinity Group Participation
Contact the Affinity Group Coordinator to join the conversation on creating diversity within the workplace.  We look forward to hearing from you.

African American
LGBT & Allies
IRIS (Internationals Residing in the States)
Native American
Small Business

SWE membership offers numerous diverse benefits, including discounts on brand-name goods and services such as appliances, automobiles, insurance and education opportunities. And, every time you take advantage of these member discounts you suppport SWE through rebates that participating organizations give back to the Society.

See if you qualify for a discount on membership dues.

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A SWE collegiate membership is a great way to prepare for a successful engineering career. As a member, you are part of a community of peers with access to exceptional tools, scholarships, training, and role models. And with all the recreational activities, it's a lot of fun, too!

A SWE collegiate membership offers outstanding value! Your membership includes:

  • Eligibility for scholarships. More than $500,000 is awarded each year.
  • SWE Career Center for internship and full-time employment search and career planning.
  • Networking opportunities with practicing women engineers and other collegiates.
  • A support system of peer groups, mentors, advisors, and industry leaders.
  • An opportunity to develop your leadership and management skills.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings that allow you to get advice from fellow members on everything from time management to graduate schools, all while making lifelong friendships.
  • Discounted prices with Kaplan: 10% off any SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, OAT or PCAT preparation class, Live Online class, premium online product, tutoring or admissions consulting package.
  • SWE Annual and Regional Conferences.
  • Professional development seminars.
  • Live professional development webinars that are also available as replays.
  • Annual subscription to the award-winning SWE Magazine.

Collegiate Membership Types

SWE Membership is available to college students pursuing a degree in engineering, engineering technology, or a field related to engineering and not employed full time in an engineering position.  No application fee is required.  View the available collegiate membership types below and join SWE. Already a SWE member? Click here to renew your membership! 


Membership Description
Collegiate to Career (C2C) For a one-time $50 payment, collegiate members can secure a SWE membership for their collegiate years through the first year they qualify for professional grade membership. C2C is beneficial to students with two or more years of schooling left or those pursuing an advanced degree.  Renewal is required each year, at no charge, to confirm continued SWE Membership.  Take advantage of this program to maximize your savings on membership dues.  For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.
Collegiate SWE Membership is available for $20 to college students majoring in engineering and must be renewed annually to obtain membership benefits.
Joint Take advantage of a reduced joint membership rate when you join both SWE and one of these three professional organizations: The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). (Only available April 15 - December 31)
Country of Residence Discount Take advantage of a reduced membership rate based on your country of residence.  Click here to learn more or go directly to the online application.


Links: Online Application
Application PDF

SWE members pursuing advanced degrees full-time have the option of continuing as a collegiate member or transferring their professional membership to a Professional Back to School.  To be identified as a graduate student member, your SWE membership profile should be updated with your current academic status including discipline of study and an anticipated graduation date.

Graduate students in SWE are an active, growing group.  To serve this diverse population, a group of Graduate Coordinators are appointed each year.  These coordinators provide programming, networking, etc. for past, present and future graduate students.

For more information about SWE’s graduate program, see the SWE Graduate Blog or e-mail the Graduate Member Coordinator.

SWE offers many different kinds of professional memberships, each tailored to our members' unique needs at different stages of their engineering careers.


  • Professional Development
  • Role Models and Mentors
  • Leadership Training and Experience
  • Networking
  • K-12 Outreach
  • Diversity Training
  • Career Management
  • Gender-specific Management Tools
  • Local Support
  • Conferences
  • Award-winning SWE Magazine

Professional Membership Types

View the available professional membership types below to determine which type meets your specific needs before you join SWE. Already a member? Click here to renew your membership! 

NOTE: SWE membership is open to both women AND men. 

Membership Description
Recent Graduate Graduates with a graduation date within the past 24 months, receive a reduced rate for professional membership whether a new or renewing member.  Current collegiate members receive an even greater reduced rate.
Professional  More than 100 professional active sections in the U.S. for women and men. If no section is located nearby, you join as a Member-at-Large. Professional membership is $100* annually.
Joint Take advantage of a reduced joint membership rate when you join both SWE and one of these three professional organizations: The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). (Only available April 15 - December 31)  Select Joint Membership with AISES, NSBE and SHPE below for more information.
Life Life membership is available with a donation of $2,000 to the SWE Endowment Fund Inc. - Headquarters Account. For more information, Email Fund Development.

A reduced rate of $50* is offered to retired or unemployed professional members. Email Membership Services if you are retired or unemployed for additional information.

Associate SWE membership is available for $100* annually to those who support the goals of the Society but do not qualify for any other membership grade and whose work is related to the practice of, or training for engineering, or the membership application is sponsored by a professional member.  The sponsor must be a member of the senate, a professional section president, member at large president, region governor, or corporate member. Email Membership Services for additional information. 
Country of Residence Discount Take advantage of a reduced membership rate depending on your country of residence.  For more information, select International Membership below.
K-12 Educator A special reduced membership rate of $20 is available to full-time K-12 educators.  For more information, select K-12 Educator Membership below.

*New professional members pay a $20 application fee.

SWE membership provides the vehicle for you to give back to the community through outreach programs that encourage young girls to find and follow their dreams as future engineers. SWE's K-12 initiatives motivate students to believe in their math and science skills, and expose engineering as a meaningful and rewarding career choice for women.

The environment you face everyday is full of obstacles to your advancement including isolation, lack of role models and limited access to informal networks. SWE provides the programs and communities that address issues ranging from leadership training to management tools to networking events to work/life balance workshops. Whether you are just entering the workforce or a seasoned professional, SWE has programs targeted for each stage of your career path.

Complementing your professional advancement, SWE celebrates those who achieve personal and professional milestones. SWE's Awards Program recognizes professional members who have contributed significantly to the advancement of women in the engineering profession. SWE members celebrate the rich history and heritage of women in engineering and technology, and honor today's leaders and innovators.

Benefits of SWE Membership
The benefits of SWE membership come in many forms—from the empowerment of finding the right mentor to the satisfaction of seeing the look on the face of a 12-year-old girl successfully completing a science project and experiencing the thrill of applied engineering and creativity for the first time!

Professional Brochure PDF
Online Application
PDF Application

Life membership is available with a donation of $2,000 to the SWE Endowment Fund Inc. - Headquarters Account. Review the Life Member contract for more information and to join. If you have questions, please contact Fund Development.  

SWE helps organizations support their leadership training, achieve their recruitment and retention goals and advance their women engineers and technologists. As a Corporate Member of SWE, you can fulfill your organization's objectives and access these resources.

Learn more about Corporate Membership

Contact: Jennifer Scott
Phone: 312.596.5220

SWE is proud to serve its international members and welcomes you to join. SWE recognizes the economic variances throughout the world and discounts dues based on the 2011 World Bank list of economies.

See below to determine if you qualify for a discount on membership dues depending on your country of residence. Membership benefits include:

  • Professional Development
  • Role Models and Mentors
  • Leadership Training and Experience
  • Networking
  • Diversity Training
  • Career Management
  • Gender-specific Management Tools
  • Award-winning, digital version of SWE Magazine*

Benefits will vary by country and other possible benefits include:

  • Local Support
  • Conferences
  • Outreach to Girls (to consider engineering careers)

Please note: This discount applies to basic Professional and Collegiate grades of membership and cannot be combined with other offers.

*Full dues-paying members will continue to receive a printed copy of the SWE Magazine.

List of countries eligible for membership discounts (Low Income economies get the 66% discount and Low Middle economies get the 33% discount)

Joint Membership opportunities with AISES, NSBE and SHPE are available with online applications and renewals from April 15 through December 31.

SWE is proud to announce that:

Professional and Collegiate members can join SWE and either the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), or the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at a single, discounted rate.

Joint membership with AISES, NSBE and SHPE further promotes an inclusive environment within SWE. The goals of this important partnership program are to improve networking opportunities and expand professional development programs for American Indian, African American and Hispanic women engineers.

This offer represents up to 30% savings over joining two organizations separately.

aises_logo.pngAbout AISES
The American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) is a national, nonprofit organization that nurtures community building by bridging science and technology with traditional Native values. Through its educational programs, AISES provides opportunities for American Indians and Native Alaskans to pursue studies in science, engineering, and technology arenas. The AISES mission is to increase substantially the representation of American Indian and Alaskan Natives in engineering, science and other related technology disciplines. For more information, visit

nsbe_logo.pngAbout NSBE
The National Society of Black Engineers is the premier organization serving African Americans in engineering and technology. With 15,000 members and more than 300 chapters, NSBE supports and promotes the aspirations of university and pre-college students and technical professionals. Our mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. For more information, visit

shpe_logo.pngAbout SHPE
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is a non-profit, social-technical organization, and publisher of SHPE Magazine. Founded in 1974, it serves affiliated chapters across seven regions. SHPE fulfills its mission to promote "the development of Hispanics in engineering, science and other technical professions to achieve educational excellence, economic opportunity and social equity" through initiatives in technical education; business and government policy; programs; and more. For more information, visit

By working with SWE to offer the new Automation Affiliate Member grade, ISA can now provide you and other SWE members with an excellent selection of technical and professional-development benefits for only $50 per year – half off the regular member dues!

When you become an ISA Automation Affiliate Member, you will be able to access the most timely, useful information in the automation field. In addition, you will gain a worldwide network of technical and career resources that can help you excel in your career. Join today so you can begin using ISA’s valuable resources—and watch yourself become a more knowledgeable and valuable automation professional!

SWE is pleased to offer membership to full-time K-12 educators. SWE’s mission includes encouraging more women to become engineers, and you can support that mission by helping reach girls. A SWE membership provides valuable K-12 outreach tools and support for you including:

  • Access to SWE K-12 outreach resources and activities locally, nationally and internationally
  • SWE’s monthly e-newsletter, All Together
  • Award-winning SWE Magazine
  • Reduced registration fees for SWE’s Annual Conference which includes:
    • K-12 Outreach Track
    • K-12 Outreach Expo
    • Career Fair
  • Support of SWE’s mission
  • Access to SWE’s outreach community
  • Discounted K-12 outreach merchandise via the SWE Store
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities with SWE members: Collegiate, professional and corporate members
  • K-12 outreach webinars

A special reduced membership rate of $20 is available to full-time K-12 educators. Take advantage of it today!

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Thank you for your interest in SWE's Outreach for students. We are sending you to EngineerGirl.

Their website contains great information for exploring and pursuing a career in engineering. You can meet real engineers, find scholarships, participate in contests and become part of SWE through our SWENext program. It's your time to BeThatEngineer!

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