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SWE Future Leader (SWEFL) Program

The SWE Future Leader program is meant to provide promising young SWE members with opportunities, information, and encouragement to continue in SWE as an active participant and leader. The program also aims to offer professional development and leadership training for each SWEFL to advance and develop individual leadership styles.

The program is focused on providing training and opportunities to promising young collegiate leaders with at least 2 years left in a collegiate program (undergraduate and graduate apply). SWEFLs are chosen through a nomination and review process each fiscal year. It is not a regional role such as RCR, RCCE, RCS that requires specific actions to keep sections in good health, but rather is a title that provides the SWEFL with a broader role where she can contribute and develop in ways that are relevant to her region and section. It is up to the SWEFL to pursue each opportunity she is given. It is the hope of the program that this early exposure will create a great leadership pipeline within SWE for the Regional Collegiate Leadership positions and beyond.

SWE Future Leader (SWEFL) Program

  • Get Inspired! Feed the spirit of SWE!
  • Gain Knowledge of SWE
  • Understand the value of SWE membership
  • Understand SWE beyond your local section (the bigger picture of SWE – region, national, international involvement)
  • Understand collegiate and professional SWE program and leadership opportunities


  • Extra budget for CLF
  • Last minute addition of outstanding freshmen and sophomores in SWE
  • Typically 1-2 SWEFLs per Region (20 max)
  • Lockheed Martin STARS training


  • Formally included in CLF planning
  • Asked for nominations from region leadership, counselors, faculty advisors and section presidents


  • Additional SWE focused training for SWEFLs.
  • Involved SWEFLs in Region meeting with RGs.
  • Utilized SWEFLs for collegiate focus group for HQ.


  • Focus Group/Think Tank for Collegiate Senators


  • Revamp program!
  • Increase number of SWEFL’s to target of 76 including international collegiate members
  • Change from CLF during BOD induction to Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) during Annual conference
  • Training for Regional Collegiate Team provided via Webinar beforehand

Nominees should have no less than two years left of a current degree program (i.e. Freshmen and Sophomores for undergraduates or 1st/2nd year graduate students going for a doctorate) and shall have a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0. Candidates for SWEFL nominations should be active collegiate members of the society and have exhibited strong leadership potential and interest in extended involvement in the society beyond the collegiate experience. 

Nominators should have an established relationship with the nominee that permits detailed insight into the nominee's leadership potential and interest in the society. The nominator cannot be the nominee herself, as one of the leadership metrics used for establishing future leadership is to establish networks and relationships. Nominators are not required to be members of SWE, but should have some knowledge of the society to understand the value of the program and the society goals. Examples of past nominators include professors, counselors, and SWE section presidents.

The SWEFL nomination process typically begins in April/May each year. An E-blast is sent out to all members calling to complete an online nomination form in which the nominator will be asked to describe the questions like the following:

  1. Current involvement in university section and/or other society activities
  2. Potential future involvement in university section and/or other society activities
  3. Activities and responsibilities in other organizations that show positive leadership skills and abilities
  4. Traits and capabilities of the nominee that indicate their leadership potential
  5. How the nominee would benefit from participating in the SWEFL program
  6. How others would benefit from the nominee participating in the SWEFL program

Once the nomination form is closed (typically one month after announcement) each SWEFL nominee will be asked to complete a Personal Statement form to demonstrate their interest in the program. Each nominee’s complete application is then reviewed by two judges who are familiar with the SWEFL program. The final number of SWEFLs for each year is determined by budget and the review committee will seek representation from each region. The final list is typically chosen by June/July.

  • Pre-CLI Webinar Training Participation
    • Knowledge of SWE by Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC)
    • CLI Pre-Modules
  • Attend CLI during Annual Conference
  • SWEFLs will serve in some sort of leadership role following their CLI experience
  • Expect to be in contact with Regional Collegiate Team (RCT)
  • Expect to nominate a SWEFL the following year (pay it forward)
  • Some type of outreach to region/section about what knowledge gained during SWEFL term
  • Complete Regional Blog Entry about experience in SWEFL program
    • Can collaborate with SWEFLs in same region
  • Complete and track Leadership Action Plan --- Work with Mentor
  • Keep in contact with SWEFL Coordinator to track metrics
  • Encouraged to join Professional SWE Membership after graduation

Since FY07 the SWEFL program has successfully generated several current SWE Leaders as desired.

  • 1 of the 20 FY08 SWEFL class was in attendance at the FY10 CLF as a RCNE
  • 5 of the 20 FY09 SWEFL class was in attendance at the FY10 CLF as RCRs or RCNEs.
  • The FY10 Collegiate Representative on the Board, Martha Addison was in the FY07 SWEFL class.
  • 2 of 10 FY12 SWEFL’s on FY13 RCT
  • 4 of 10 FY13 SWEFL’s now on FY14 RCT

If you have any questions about the SWEFL program you can reach out to the coordinator and coordinator-elect at and

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